Ding Dong Yvonnes Calling

Ding Dong, Meet Yvonne, a character inspired by the iconic Avon Lady with all the glamour of a tubber-ware box! Let Miss Yvonne Calling take you into a world of beauty and glamour and demonstrate a range of beauty must haves, that you simply can’t live without, finally a way to transform your everyday life to a new life of glamour, gloss… and maybe even fame!

Combining circus with comedy, Yvonne juggles beauty products and uses elements of slapstick humour in a cosmetics demonstration inspired by the ridiculousness of the beauty industry. 
She leads up to an over the top glossy finale – the unveiling of a new Yvonne fragrance line displayed on a revolving stage including hula hooping and, to add to the overall ridiculousness an exploding confetti machine.