The Garden Party

Three magnificently costumed characters perform as moving garden landscapes. Each have their own “garden” personality reflected by their costume, character and garden setting. Contemporary sensibility meets 18th Century pomp and ceremony!

The Garden Party can perform as a stylized travelling ensemble or installation, creating graceful dances and amusing scenarios. They can orchestrate an interactive tea ceremony or conduct an installation based performance with evolving events, humour and song.


The Garden Party characters include:

The Rose Garden

The perfect hostess for a tea party. In a bustle hoop skirt, this society lady is covered in a garden that delights in beauty, colour and fragrance. Trellises, bouquets of flowers, garden walls, climbing ivy and butterflies.

The Wild Garden

She is the untamed dame. The gardener that likes to let nature take its course. Vines, vegetables, compost and garden tools.

The Royal Garden

Our elegant gentlemen is covered with hedges, topiary gardens, fountains and pathways. With a bird shaped hedge on his shoulder for company and a top hat with a working fountain, he is indeed charming in both appearance and personality.