Pandora Boxes

Physically hysterical performer, Louise Clarke presents ‘Pandora Boxes’ – a whirlwind tribute to the master of comedy, WC Field, Elvis Presley and all things pink and box-like.

She performs a skilful clownesque cigar-box and sassy hat routine. She then asks a willing volunteer to be the next Elvis and together they perform a gravity defying 12 cigar-box stack & balance. The show culminates in a ridiculous attempt to climb a precariously teetering tower made up of her beloved pink boxes. So be gone Zeus, piss off Prometheus, this girls pushed off pestilence, dead bored of death and fed up with famine. The only thing she is getting out of her box is ‘The Best of Elvis’ CD, a packet of bubblegum and a Rockin’ and Rollin’ good time!

Louise produces a show that is truly engaging, hilarious and utterly absurd!

The Pandora Boxes can be adapted for the stage, circus or corporate market and depending on your requirements, the show can run from 10 to 50 minutes.