Tubby the robot

Tubby the Robot is out of this world: a spectacular and enchanting character with ‘a heart of pure aluminum’. Tubby is extraordinarily interactive and accessible, combining improvisation with established repertoire to keep your crowd smiling. Anyone who has ever been a child will love him.

Tubby on-board his Electro-Scooter – “To boldly go where no robot has gone before…”
Tubby hops on and off regularly to meet the audience.

Tubby & L’il Tub – Tubby’s out for a walk with his baby, “L’il Tub”, who rides in a restored 1960’s nanny’s pram. The pair had better find a Robot Recharging Centre before L’il Tub goes flat!

Christmas Tubby dons his massive Santa hat and steps out to spread some Christmas cheer! It wouldn’t be the silly season without a robot singing Christmas carols. Themed for the occasion, Tubby is perfect for parades, Christmas parties, VIP nights, family fun days and Carols by Candlelight events (stage appearances and pre-show entertainment). A Christmas treat everyone will love!