Becky Hoops

Becky has created and performed a number of different comic shows around the world for the last 10 years.  Her most recent stops include: Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, China, Italy, Hungary and Mexico. She has one the People’s Choice award in a number of festivals and the prestigious Budapest Prize in the “Princessan” festival in Sweden.

Becky charms and cracks up her audience combining absurd characters and her many hula-hoops. She hoops in an unconventional, quirky fashion, using parody and humor to touch her public.  She will be doing 3 different version of her show this year… Feel free to come see them all!

Or check out her hilarious Barbie Parody!

This completely over-the-top parody of Barbie brings the absurdity of modern-day vanity into the spotlight. This character struts between clown and buffoon, leaving her public in laughing in awe. From her excessive need for big hair, boobs and “perfect” lipstick, to her constant need for appreciation, Barbie leaves both families and late night cabarets alike in stitches.