The Little Palais

The striking high contrast design of The Little Palais demands attention in any setting. The alternating bands of colour tease the viewer’s perception; is it light on dark or dark on light, are the lines expanding or contracting? Did that tent just move? Like a kaleidoscope the pattern seems to constantly rearrange, never settling for long; a precursor to the ever-changing experience within.

‘The Little Palais was absolutely fabulous and we loved having it at the event. It is such a gorgeous and eye catching venue.’  Laura Raine - Floriade, Canberra

‘I wanted to send you a quick thank you for time, effort and tremendous support during this years Port Festival, and to say congratulations to you all on another entertaining and professional program from Bamboozled. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team again this year.’ Eleanor Taylor, Events Managers Australia


Capacity seated: 100 seated, 110 max.
Set up and fit out: 7 hours
Bump out: 4 hours
Diameter: 8m
Height of sidewalls: 2.3m
Height: 4.5m
Wooden stage: 3m round
PA, seating, lighting, stage provided
Wheelchair accessible
Electricity: please provide 20amps