The word Ukiyo is Japanese and it means “The Floating World”. The inspiration for much of Japan’s greatest art, the Floating World refers to the collective pleasure seeking quarters of urban Edo (modern day Tokyo) life. It was a time of never before known peace and prosperity where culture flourished and the common people could enjoy theatre, music, dance… and some less virtuous forms of entertainment perhaps. Experience and appreciate the transient, fleeting beauty of life in our own floating world, the lavish Ukiyo tent.

 ‘Bamboozled Productions never cease to amaze me in the brilliant, beautifully designed and unique venues they create and the awesome shows they continue to produce and present in such clever ways.’ Greg Clarke, 2011 – 15 Adelaide Fringe Director. 

“Your hard work makes the Adelaide Fringe the eclectic mix of comedy, cabaret, drama, music, visual arts, dance and circus events, which makes it such a success.” Jack Snelling M.P. Minister of the Arts, SA 


Capacity seated: 210
Set up/fit out: Two days
Bump out: One day
Diameter: 13m
Height of sidewalls: 3.3m
Height: 7.5m
Level Stage: 5m x 6m
Backstage area: 6m x 2m
Seating & stage provided
Wheel chair accessible
Two rigging points
Please provide: 20amps & heating/cooling if applicable