Keeping Christmas Alive with Festivals

As Bamboozled’s brilliant troupe of roving magicians, comedians, actors and musicians prepare their Christmas performances, a few of us got to wondering about the origins

Australia Drenches the Globe with Talent

Australia has been called a microcosm of talent, but there’s more. Not only does it have a self-contained, all-inclusive entertainment scene that causes citizens and

Resiliency of the Artist

Artists are finding themselves in a corner. Despite the arts’ $100 billion contribution to the fed every year, along with community engagement, creative expression, freedom

The Attack On The Arts

Bridges, roads and railways. Take a moment to build a picture in your mind. Got it? Great. Now create an image in your mind of

Hope is on the Festival Horizon

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us standing alone, asking How? How—when the events industry and the artistic community rely solely on public gatherings—are

From Homer to Hip-Hop

Steeped in history, developing poems specifically for performances dates to ancient times, when epic poems like Homer’s Odyssey were recited for entertainment. Later, poetry was incorporated into

The Attack on the Arts Ends

A unanimous sigh of relief rippled across Australia with Labor finally forming government again after nine long, gruelling years. The nine-year political attack on the

Down the rabbit hole

At Bamboozled Productions, we strive to open minds and hearts to the wonderful world of make-believe. We look for performances that tantalise people’s imaginations and

Big Fun for Little People

It’s no big surprise that kids involved in performing arts have major payoffs for their development. Research suggests that children who sing/dance/act/play their little hearts

The Power of Theatre

Theatre is more than just an art form; its life changing. For audiences it can help stimulate powerful conversations surrounding social inequalities through deeply personal