Fringe: Oh How You’ve Grown!

Art, by definition, is an expression of creativity. And creativity? That’s the manifestation of imagination and original ideas. Most often, both happen on the fringes

The Power of Laughter, Together

There’s an old story that goes something like this: A man who’s suffering from depression goes to his doctor and asks for therapy, or medication…or

Mad March in a Mad World

Let’s take a look back at Mad March 2021 In Adelaide, Mad March is a well-known Australian phenomenon. The Adelaide Fringe Season springs forth when

You’ve Gotta be Joking

Define humour. We’ll give you a minute. It’s not so easy to put into words is it? You could call it amusement, or laughter, or

Is Magic More Than an Illusion?

Why the Infatuation with Magic? Prior to the 19th Century, magic was not used for entertainment, but for trickery. The old “cups and ball” trick

Keeping Christmas Alive with Festivals

As Bamboozled’s brilliant troupe of roving magicians, comedians, actors and musicians prepare their Christmas performances, a few of us got to wondering about the origins

Australia Drenches the Globe with Talent

Australia has been called a microcosm of talent, but there’s more. Not only does it have a self-contained, all-inclusive entertainment scene that causes citizens and

Resiliency of the Artist

Artists are finding themselves in a corner. Despite the arts’ $100 billion contribution to the fed every year, along with community engagement, creative expression, freedom