Become an Artist? It's not for the Fainthearted

September 28, 2021

From death defying stunts, to hecklers in the crowds, why would anyone choose to be an artists as a career? The truth is, it’s not a choice.

French novelist Émile Zola famously said, ‘I would rather die of passion than of boredom,’ and you might find most artists will agree. Because the passion and drive to create, express, make people laugh and to push the boundaries of what’s physically possible is the air they breathe.

Photo credit above: Flame Oz. Below from left to right: Dragon Mill at Summer Garden Festival, Little Red Trapeze at Fringe on O’Connell Street, & Lisa Lottie at Summer Garden Festival

Making creative arts a career is a tough road to success, which is well worth the pain. But what is success when it’s measured in arts terms? Is it filling a house on opening night? Is it putting the finishing stroke on a painting? Is it the peal of laughter from your audience or the sound of silence after a profound moment in a play?

The answer is, it’s all those things. Success isn’t always measured in ticket sales, likes, followers, or dollars in the bank. It’s the fulfillment of the soul and the buzz. It’s the vibe. But, of course, the vibe doesn’t pay the bills and, in the difficult year and a half that we’ve had due to COVID-19, there are many artists who are living without the buzz or the bank. And that’s a problem.

Art gives us power. It gives power to the people and to the artist. It allows us to express, to feel and to escape. The relationship between artist and audience is crucial. We need art for our mental and physical health, for our wellbeing and for our understanding of a social and political world. Art promotes empathy and compassion. Art tells our stories and allows them to be passed on to future generations.

Many creatives live to create. It’s not a choice, it’s a passion, a desire and a life support. Yoko Ono said, ‘Art is a way of survival’. It’s not for the fainthearted, but it definitely benefits everyone. At Bamboozled we live to give, and creative arts runs in our blood. And while it’s been a challenging time for us and our artists, we are looking to the future to present more great productions for you. Keep your eye on our events page for what’s coming up.

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