Festivals for Children, Imagination for Today and Tomorrow

January 12, 2021

Children and make-believe play go hand-in-hand. It’s fun, but that’s not all. It also develops social skills, cognitive processes and psychological awareness and stability. When children use their imaginations, they explore emotions, language, consequence, perspective, empathy and much more.

Make-believe doesn’t have to be limited to toys. It can also come in the form of entertainment and experiences…like those happening at children’s festivals in Australia.

Imagination is far more important to advancement than intelligence or knowledge. What your brain knows is limited…and there’s only so much information available to digest.


No one can cap the places a mind can go or the things it can envision.

Science digs in when we have empirical data, and information that can be presented in numerical form. However, no one really talks about how those numbers come about. Someone had to decide to push a limit, or to imagine a better outcome. Otherwise, the hypothesis could not take form and the experiment would never take place.

Image Description: The Clouds Illuminated, roving performers


Two Australian festivals are particularly suited to developing children’s imaginations, which will help to mould the next generation’s inventors, scientists, doctors, explorers, psychologists and more. With the help of festivals like these, children will feel empowered to go forward with limitless vision.


Video Description: DreamBIG Big Family Weekend 2019

The DreamBIG Children’s Festival is scheduled to run 19-29 May this year. It’s mission is to promote curiosity as it relates to humanity, to unlock children’s ability to share compassion and love. It encourages the asking of questions, and recognises how crucial curiosity is to science, as well as to the arts.

At the Dream Big festival, you can guide your child to find their inner explorer through the experience of Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus, where “Mozart” and his troupe tumble, twirl, perform acrobatics and daredevil feats, and cause uproarious laughter.

You and your children may also wish to catch a live onstage performance of Magic Beach, an ongoing annual account of a family’s journey to an enchanted seashore. The family has grown with its audience, but one thing that never changes is its quest for imaginative experiences and making every child feel special by encouraging them to embrace their differences.

Dream Big is also known for Creation Creation, which explores life’s most intriguing mysteries through a child’s eye, including the big bang, the meaning of life and the afterlife. There’s even a segment that asks if it’s possible to lick your elbow.


It offers an escape from the daily grind and hum-drum of the everyday, which makes life, as a whole, more manageable.

It helps us to be present, which is necessary for relieving anxiety and tapping into our creative abilities. It increases brain function and connectivity, which are important for improving memory and cognition. Friendships are fortified. Relationships are enriched. Possibilities are magnified.

So, go ahead, attend a children’s festival in Australia—with your children or without. Foster your own sense of fun and imagination so you can expand your mind and the mind of your child(ren). If you are a teacher, consider the benefits of attending festivals like these as you’re moulding our future. And most importantly, remember to have fun…no matter your age!

As we take a broad, sweeping look at the current state of the world we live in, it’s becoming more evident than ever that our children will be the ones to solve the problems we’re experiencing. From global warming, to wildfires, to pandemics, to growing psychological concerns…the little minds that are growing now will be the ones to make strides in these areas, and beyond.

So as you begin to imagine what this year will have in store, let’s err on the side of optimism. Let’s think ahead to festivals that will enhance our imaginations, so we can escape from all that’s been piled on us over the past year. Bamboozled Productions is ready to move ahead! We have circus tents for hire, we provide entertainment and we organise festivals. Find us at a festival in Australia or contact us to design a tailor-made entertainment package, just for you!

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