Hope is on the Festival Horizon

April 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us standing alone, asking How?

How—when the events industry and the artistic community rely solely on public gatherings—are we going to get through this?

At Bamboozled Productions, we are experiencing the freefall of the events industry. We also recognise the hit that festival venues, promoters, vendors and career entertainers are taking during this time.

In the same breath, we will not lose hope.

Instead, we choose to believe that after the air clears, festivals and other people-centred events will spring back with light and life.

The Coronavirus crisis is unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime, but our comeback will be equally extraordinary.


There’s no doubt that COVID-19 will cause some aftershocks—you can’t cease operations in so many industries and snap right back.

But here’s the thing: that time spent pulling the band tight on the slingshot? When the only movement is backward? When the tension increases and compounds on itself with every passing moment? That’s time spent making the inevitable release stronger and more likely to break distance records.

That release will be the bonanza we all experience after the impact of this thing has passed.

We have so many things operating in our favour: financially stable retirees and young workers, and an unprecedented number of global opportunities supported by technology. Small businesses and large corporations are dedicated to innovation, armed with everything they learned following the 2008 recession.

Now is the time to ponder how we will recreate ourselves; how we will reorganise with an eye on reinvention


It is essential that we support one another during this difficult time. We are accustomed to working with people, and receive joy from making others laugh and smile. For those reasons, and many more, this crisis may be hitting you harder than some.

Reach out and connect with others online. Spend precious time with those sharing your house. Broadcast a live feed to entertain people…even set up a PayPal pay jar. And something you may not have considered: use this down time to refine your craft.

What new types of festivals might people enjoy? How can we promote greener festivals? And how can we fortify one another until we’re all back together again?

This is the perfect time to hone your skills and add new ones. Remember that when a person falls into depression—even when it’s mild—one of the first things to go is the desire to do the things you love. Don’t let that happen to you. There will be hundreds, or thousands, of people waiting to be entertained by you when this crisis has passed.

Please know that Bamboozled Productions will be available to listen to your concerns, answer questions and share in your experiences. Feel free to contact us.

We will get through this. And we will come out the other side stronger than anyone could have imagined. So let’s stick together, get creative and focus on what we’ll bring to post-COVID-19 festivals in Australia.

Louise Clarke

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