This tent is a tribute to Enrico Rastelli, the greatest juggler of all time and one of vaudeville’s biggest stars. It was said Rastelli possessed “body motions that apparently spoke the language of the props”. This venue’s design draws upon the abstract art theories of Wassily Kandinski to interpret the movement, energy, rhythm and poise of a performer such as Rastelli – and to reflect the reactions, expressions and moods of the audience.

Just as importantly, if not more, it looks stunning. As a stand alone tent this abstract treatment is unexpected and demands attention.

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Capacity: 50 seated, 60 maximum
Set up & fit out: 5hr
Bump out: 3hrs
Diameter: 6.25m
Highest ceiling point: 3.6m
Stage: 2.3m x 2.3m

Venue hire includes velvet curtains, small PA, seating, lighting, stage
Wheelchair accessible