The Parlour

The Parlour originally developed for Sydney’s ‘Spectrum Now Festival’, in design collaboration with Yakusan. It’s enchanting wooden facade – adorned with deep maroon and navy Trompe-l’œil detail – canvas roof, and rich velvet interiors, echo a bygone era. Immediately evocative of Victorian circuses and opium dens, the decadent venue allures with the dark, the exotic and the unfamiliar.
With a flexible interior layout (including the ability for cabaret-style set up) and circus rigging bar, The Parlour is set to be the star of many events to come.

Click here for tent seating plans

Capacity: 70 to 120 maximum
Set up & fit out: 10hrs
Bump out: 7hrs
Diameter: 9m
Highest ceiling point: 5.5m

Venue hire includes velvet curtains, flooring and seating
Wheelchair accessible
One rigging point