Street Art FEST

March 9, 2024

Street Art FEST pops up at Mount Barker!

Bamboozled Productions proudly presents the Street Arts FEST in the heart of Mount Barker at the Pop-Up Park, located at the corner of Stephen St and Walker St.

This highly anticipated Fringe event promises an evening of unparalleled entertainment for the community, unfolding from 5pm - Midnight on Saturday, 9 March. * Please note there has been a time change due to the hot weather, we will certainly go ahead just shifting the start time to a little later in the evening, to take advantage of the balmy evening weather!

The Street Arts FEST isa free-to-attend, family friendly celebration that will infuse a taste of Mad March in to Mount Barker, attendees can look forward to incredible street theatre, captivating roving entertainment, gourmet food trucks, and a locally stocked boutique bar.

In a world where festivals often come with a hefty price tag, the Street Arts FEST offers a free, local alternative right at your doorstep. As the warmth of summer lingers, this event provides a perfect opportunity to book a babysitter and make it a memorable date night.

The eclectic acts programming by Bamboozled includes comedy, circus, acrobatics, a fire show and aerial performances!

Performers Show Information

Wham Glam Circus Man (NSW Artist) - Winner of Best Circus at Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. Magic, music, comedy and circus! All set to a banging rock and roll sound track! If you like death-defying circus stunts and side-splitting comedy then don't miss this rock and roll extravaganza! 'Bring the family and rock on!' ★★★★★ (Advertiser, Adelaide). 'Our favourite Fringe show' ★★★★★ ( 'A rock and roll finale worthy of Kiss ★★★★ (

Katie Wright Dynamite (SA Artist) - She’s wild and she’s funny! You might recognise Katie as Mimi from Hoopla Doopla on ABC! No matter what character Katie is playing, she will amaze you with her daring juggling of clubs, knifes, fire and eggs! Be prepared for dexterous hula-hoop madness while Katie Wright Dynamite spins hula-hoop all over her body including spinning 35 hoops at one time! Be dazzled by Katie’s warm infectious character that makes us delight in the kid in us all.

Wire Attire by Sam Goodburn (UK Artist) - Comedy and stunt circus performer Sam Goodburn brings “’Wire Attire” to the Mount Barker’s inaugural Street Arts FEST! Sam has shared his offbeat British humour and biscuit themed circus tricks around the world, from the streets of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to schools across Japan. From performing at a sold-out Wembley Arena to orphanages in Nicaragua, even winning the Circus Maximus competition for the UK’s best circus act. Known best for his stunt of unicycling across a tight wire, for Sam, “the biscuits are the best bit” and while he claims, “the show would be just as good without the dangerous finale”, we disagree. It’s high-flying entertainment not to be missed! 

Aerial Performance by Gemima Jones (NSW Artist) - Quirky, quick and quite the character, Gemima Jones is a renowned Australian aerial-contortionist from Sydney. This dynamic aerial act will flip, flail and fly through the skies, leaving audiences utterly floored. Watch on as she ties herself into herself into knots several feet off the ground. Full of jovial energy and exhilarating aerial feats, this performance is not to be missed. 

ByPass by Cirkidz Performance Troupe (SA Artists), take you on an evocative journey through the complexities of human nature and the intrinsic need to participate in a collective. Prepare to be mesmerized by a thought-provoking spectacle of acrobatic humans that challenges you to question why, despite the benefits of the group, so many individuals yearn to be different. As you step into the world of BYPASS, be prepared to question, reflect, and marvel at the intricacies of the human experience, navigating a profound internal struggle to find belonging. This show raises questions about the balance between the safety and security of conformity and the desire for individual expression. 

Adelaide Fringe Award Winners 2023 (Best Circus)  ★★★★★ "Exciting, thrilling and unmissable." - The Barefoot Review

Uno One of Many (SA Artist) - Master manipulator of mallets. Equilibrist of eccentric excellence. Sit back as Uno takes his audience on a journey of wonderment using his mallets to spin, balance, throw, catch and amaze. Perhaps Mum and Dad might find themselves handling a mallet of their own as they play a part in his fabled melodic, audience-powered live musical band. Who knows with Uno? Uno is sure to be a unique experience for the whole family. The one and only...Uno one of many, is a must see!

Foxy Moron (Vic Artist) - Rani Huszar brings you ‘Foxy Moron‘, the greatest magician you will never see!!! A delightful showgirl who will utterly amaze and make you wonder, what on Earth is going on!? A laugh a minute magic show where all that can go wrong probably will. An entertaining array of all that is great and dismal about magic. With a blend of physical comedy, magic, clowning and circus skills Foxy’s magic show is a tribute to the greats of magic and a truly wonderful experience of MAGIC.

The Mr. Spin Show (SA Artist) - The show is a highly skilled, comic vaudevillian style street/circus act. He performs a beautiful three-ball juggle, Chinese devil-sticking, one ball manipulation and a five-ball juggle, mixed with mad capped antics and an incredible sense of fun, not to mention a few hat tricks thrown in! This all culminates in him jumping on to a five-foot zigzag unicycle (of his own design) from which he juggles while balancing a glass of water on his head!

Dragon Mill (SA Artists) - Dragon Mill will be presenting a fire performance, with power and energy of the flame, celebrated in many forms, to draw in, captivate and take you on a journey with us. Boasting incredible tricks, manipulations, and movements, our performers are equipped and ready to explore a primal experience. 

Roving Company

Cocoloco – UK Artists

The Cleaners, Audrey & Audrey. Two cleaning ladies with sound effects and mime, they talk a lot more than they clean!

Mafia Wedding - The birth of Maria's baby is dangerously imminent. Her father, the Don, is not happy. She needs a husband, a bridesmaid, a priest, a congregation, even a surgeon, if the baby arrives. Perhaps the public will help. It's an offer they can't refuse.

PushMePullYou - is a beautifully constructed street theatre performance which investigates the possibility of co-operation and compromise in a seemingly impossible situation. As a tribute to the original Dr Dolittle character, Cocoloco playfully dissects the arguments which are swamping us in our contemporary world.

“…Typically British brilliant street theatre…” Katrina Sedgwick, Director, Adelaide Film Festiva

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