The Power of Theatre

Theatre is more than just an art form; its life changing.

For audiences it can help stimulate powerful conversations surrounding social inequalities through deeply personal storytelling.

For performers it can help them gain a better understanding of their identity and the world around them through fostering emotional and physical self-exploration.

And the latter could not be truer for performers who have been dealt the short straw in life.

Photo credits: Natural Order, Milk Crate Theatre. Photo by Patrick Boland

One such example is of an artist who took part in a production titled Natural Order by Sydney-based theatre group, Milk Crate in 2019.

The performance which detailed the hierarchy and frustrations present in welfare systems comprised of performers who had first-hand experience navigating Centrelink due to unstable housing, addiction, disability and mental health.

He said it helped him navigate ingrained negative behaviours during a time when his mother had been dealing with severe pain. Explaining that in the past he would have reacted emotionally however, this time around he was able to control his emotions and seek relevant help.

Other examples are a plenty like Adelaide based, No Strings Attached; Geelong based, Back to Back Theatre and Byron Bay based, Public Act Theatre putting people living with a disability and those who have experienced domestic violence front and centre, allowing audiences to understand their triumphs as well as their challenges while also empowering artists to speak their truths through creative expression and social connection.

The value of theatre cannot be understated as the Sydney Theatre Company aptly said in a 2020 statement, “one thing we can be sure of is that theatre is a necessary and vital space where communities are built, nurtured and maintained.”

Theatre is a catalyst for a change, it is a lifeline and a way for us to connect, feel and

As borders open up and restrictions ease, it’s time to get behind theatre, artists and all of the people that make live performance possible. Plus, a ticket to the theatre will make for a meaningful Christmas present.

English playwright, Edward Bond once said, “there is no world without theatre.”

At Bamboozled Productions we live to give, and creative arts runs in our blood. And while it’s been a challenging time for us and our artists, we are looking to the future to present more great productions for you. Keep your eye on our events page for what’s coming up.

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